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The Accommodation Agreement

We don’t give you a lot of small print to read. However, the “Accommodation Agreement” (Gastaufnahmevertrag) sets out important rights and obligations that you should know about.

1. The parties enter into an Accommodation Agreement as soon as the room is booked and confirmed or, in the event that there is insufficient time to allow confirmation, when it has been made available.

2. By entering into an Accommodation Agreement, the parties undertake to fulfil it, irrespective of the duration of the agreement.

3. If the room is not made available, the hotelier is obliged to offer the guest a suitable alternative or to pay compensation.

4. a) If the guest does not make use of the services covered by the Agreement, he/she must pay the agreed or usual price, less any expenses which the hotelier saves by not providing the room.

4. b) Our experience shows such savings to amount to 20 per cent of the price per night.

5. a) The hotelier undertakes to act in good faith to let the unused room to another guest where possible, in order to avoid financial loss.

5. b) Unless the room is let to another person, the guest must pay the amount calculated in accordance with section 4 for the duration of the agreement.

6. The sole place of jurisdiction is the place where the accommodation provider operates.

Telephone bookings must be confirmed in writing.
Bookings made by email or fax are binding.

Other useful information

• Guests may check in from 2 pm onwards.
• We ask that you vacate the room by 11 am on the day of departure.
• A limited number of small dogs can be accommodated, by prior agreement.
(guests must bring their own dog basket or blanket).
• We ask that you settle your hotel bill the evening before you leave. We accept payment by cash, cheque or Eurocheque card. For thepayment with VISA we charge a fee of 5% of the invoice sum.

We are closed from beginning of November until beginning of december.

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