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Trollblumenwiese am Geroldsee

Spring in the mountains in Krün

What does the ‘Merry month of May’ actually mean?

Just three little letters – and a great number of images that we all associate with this simple word. Soaking up the sun at last after the cold, damp, dreary months. Blossoming meadows, happy moments, wind in the hair and just a bit more sunshine in the soul.
Visitors who arrive feeling flabby and tired, or those who feel really fit and can use some physical and mental stimulation, have come to the right place.


For us, May is the happiest of months

 – four weeks that can light up the heart with lust for adventure, energy and laughter.

That’s why it’s crucial to do something more than just let out a few heartfelt groans about never having enough time for what you really want to do. Creating room and experiences for yourself doesn’t happen just through the “faster-better-more” approach, which so often leads into the blind alley of the hectic existence. It begins with the awareness of our own actions. Which can mean: find the courage to retreat. Find out exactly where you’re wasting time and put an end to it. Change your habits, discover new things. Set your own priorities and free yourself from unnecessary pressure and mental stress. Say ‘No’ more often without having a bad conscience about it. In life as it passes day by day, build small islands of personal well-being where you can stop and recharge, and banish stress. Fill up your own lust for life with extra points instead of just living off credit.



The Werdenfelser region is still pleasantly quiet at this time. "Preseason"

Possibilities for things to do all throughout this idyllic landscape are almost endless. How high, how far, how long, where – you decide that yourself.
Hiking, tours, bike tours, conversations with pleasant people and cultural stopovers should see you comfortably over every hill and around every twist in the path.


Trips with the E-bike

Explore the mountains between Karwendel and Zugspitze on an E-bike
Gipfelkreuz auf der Zugspitze Zugspitze mit Kreuz

Mountain railways

A variety of mountain railways will take you to the peaks of the surrounding area.

Springtime offers

Spring in the mountains in Krün - Pictures

If we look back over the days of our lives, always there were the hours with friends to us fortunate.